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A Little About Us is All About You

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At CCN, we have focus.  Lots of focus on our what makes a difference.  We like to say that "we see what matters".


The business world moves quickly today and it is easy to be distracted by what is not in-focus.  Our job is simple -- help you dial in on what moves the needle and blur out what does not.  


Let us help you gain the focus your business needs. 


Contact Center Network (CCN) was founded in 2011 but like many companies, was born long before that time.  Our roots can be found in the mid-1990s when CCN's founder, Rob Serretti, was cutting his teeth in the industry at a small company in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  Early on Rob worked through help desk functions, back-end technologies, front-end management, new center set-up, new technology implementations, and just about every other component of building, running, and managing call centers.  Now, more than two decades later, these extensive hands-on experiences helped Rob earn a reputation as an operations and efficiency expert with a unique know-how that comes with building contact centers from the ground up.  Rob firmly believes that the greatest value he can bring to the industry is to focus on connecting clients to the right contact center partner, not just a contact center. 

Let's Find Your Match

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