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How we get the job done

At Contact Center Network, we have a well-defined set of steps we rely on to ensure the best engagements possible with our clients.  Process is a fantastic tool to keep things on-track and consistent, but we believe every great process must also remain flexible.  We know that each engagement is unique so we allow ourselves the latitude to add or subtract steps based on your defined requirements, all with the aim of crafting your solution effectively and efficiently.  Time is money, and your business doesn't have time to waste. 

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A high-quality discovery process is the key to success.  When we take the time to intimately understand your business, we are able to drive winning solutions.  Our discovery process is not based on templates and questionnaires -- it's based on conversation.  


Your Profile

Using the information gained during Discovery, we build your highly personalized profile.  This profile outlines more than a dozen unique characteristics of your business, its needs, and your desired outcomes.  We use this profile to optimize our match-making services.

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The Match

With your profile in-hand, we now begin our rigorous vetting process.  Using a matrix that outlines the key criteria for each contact center partner, we determine which two to four partners will best serve your business.  We review the final list with the requisite stakeholders to help you navigate the information effectively.



This is where strategy, research, and "homework" comes to life!  Our team schedules a kick-off meeting to launch the project with clear expectations.  Introductions are made, goals are established and work begins.  

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The Accountability Loop

Finding your contact center partner and kicking off the work is only the beginning.  At Contact Center Network, we believe in managing all aspects of the relationship -- including the expectation of results for your business.    Our commitment to you is about more than great match-making, it's about driving the results we set out to deliver and iterating until we achieve our (and your) goals.

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